Lake Kiowa is full of unique amenities that make this community so special. With two well-equipped and well-manicured beaches, soaking in the sun is easy for all residents. Each beach hosts one of the two children's playgrounds as well as covered pavilions for small gatherings and family events and community restrooms for easy access. The East beach is home to the community's lighted basketball court and tennis/pickleball court as well. The West beach holds one of the newest discoveries within Kiowa, the Chef's herb garden. With 6 raised and covered, self-contained, self-watering pods, herbs can be grown nearly all year round and protected from anything that may harm them. In addition to the Chef's herb garden, the member paid community garden can be found just south of Lake Kiowa's dam and spillway. Maintained by families that rent a plot within the community, this garden is ever-changing and always ripe with flavor. Just beside the community garden in the hills behind resides our very own disk golf course. As a favorite outdoor retreat during all seasons, this course will provide rigorous exercise and hours of family fun and entertainment. Also near the Dam spillway are two other noted amenities, the campgrounds and the walking path. This reservation only campground currently provides space for 6 RV/Motorhomes, electricity, water, and waste removal hook-ups for all those who visit. Kiowa maintains two walking paths located at the south and the north end of the lake. Each is unique in what it offers. The south path, below the dam, is exposed to the beautiful Texas weather and allows open space for running and play. The north walking path is nestled amongst the wooded greenspace that peaks through to the calm waters of Big Chief Cove. Just next to the north walking path is the kids favorite place on the lake, their very own Little Fox Pond. Always loaded with big catfish and little perch, its not hard for the kids 16 and under to catch a few on any given afternoon. While its easy to say the lake and the Golf Course are the main show-stoppers at Lake Kiowa, there is certainly a little something for anyone and everyone.